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How to deal with trolls/ Qué hacer con los trolls

If you are a social media manager or just handle social platform accounts on Facebook… heck if you have an opinion and are on Twitter, you know that dealing with trolls is part of having a voice on your favorite social media channel. Trolls are people who like to cause trouble online just to get attention. … Continue reading

Marketing Planet Blog: ‘Ello’ and see you later?/ ‘Ello’ y adiós?

So finally, weeks after I sent in a request to join what was supposed to be the next thing in the social network world, the alternative to Facebook, this new space for creative people, right before Christmas I get an invite to join Ello, the “social network you have been waiting for. Simple, beautiful and ad-free.” … Continue reading

News: Facebook at work?/ Noticias: ¿Facebook en el trabajo?

Rumor has it (Financial News rumor, that is) that Facebook is working on a new product, a sort of Facebook platform but for work, named, it seems, “Facebook at Work” (very original name, I know!). If the news is confirmed (which Facebook still has not done) it would be a social medium similar to LinkedIn. … Continue reading