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What is a nofollow link?/ ¿Qué es un enlace “nofollow”?

When it comes to SEO, inbound links (links from outside sources that point to your site) are a great way to make people aware of your site. Of course, not of these links are the same. It’s not the same a link from some obscure site than a link from, say, CNN. If you get … Continue reading

Why blog? ¿Para qué escribir un blog?

A blog is a sort of notebook or diary online. It allows you to upload articles, photos, media. It accepts (if you wish) comments posted by your readers, who can also follow you. A blog can be a marketing tool because if it’s well done, it helps you become a “specialist” in whatever topic you … Continue reading

SEO Terms to know (for beginners)/ Términos para principantes de SEO

If you are just starting to do SEO, here are some of the terms you need to know.Let’s start with the name itself: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. To sum it up, its just the “art” of getting your website ranked well so it shows on top of other pages on engines such as Google, … Continue reading