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What is A/B testing?/ ¿Qué es el test A/B?

You are working on your first email marketing campaign and suddenly you come across something called “A/B testing. What it is? Very roughly speaking it’s “sending out two variations of one email and seeing which one is the one that gets the most clicks.” Well, it’s kind of like this. Why would you want to do … Continue reading

More Twitter help/ Cositas interesantes de Twitter

I do have a Twitter account for stuff that is not related to marketing or social media per se, but I still want  to read about issues that have nothing to do with the original purpose for which I have a Twitter account (in case you were wondering, that original purpose is to do feminist … Continue reading

Optimize your Twitter account with analytics/ Más herramientas para tu Twitter

Twitter launched a few months back an analytics dashboard. Access was limited before, but it has now been opened to everyone. With your Twitter account opened, paste on another tab of your browser the following link: https://analytics.twitter.com. You should now be able to glance on your Twitter dashboard and see what kind of impact your … Continue reading