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How to deal with trolls/ Qué hacer con los trolls

If you are a social media manager or just handle social platform accounts on Facebook… heck if you have an opinion and are on Twitter, you know that dealing with trolls is part of having a voice on your favorite social media channel. Trolls are people who like to cause trouble online just to get attention. … Continue reading

Pinterest launches “Promoted Pins”/ Pinterest lanza sus “Pins Promocionados”

I was going to devote a whole posting to the new social media cool thing everybody is talking about, Ello, but, alas, so far, despite entering my email a few days back, I have not received an invitation to join. I do admit, I am curious to see how this ad-free alternative to Facebook is … Continue reading

Email marketing: Getting contacts for your lists/ Email márketing: Consiguiendo contactos para las listas

When you do email campaigns using email marketing providers, contacts in your lists must have consented to receive our emails beforehand. But, how to obtain addresses and permissions? We have some ideas below: One very important way is to announce in our website or blog that we offer our visitors the choice to receive our … Continue reading