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Online marketing ideas for small businesses/ Ideas de márketing online para pequeños negocios

Besides setting up a Facebook page, there are other online marketing tactics that a small business can try. Among them: -Not just post on the Facebook page, use it to run giveaways and post videos of your business. -Collect emails of your customers (in a lawful way, of course) and engage with them via email … Continue reading

What is a nofollow link?/ ¿Qué es un enlace “nofollow”?

When it comes to SEO, inbound links (links from outside sources that point to your site) are a great way to make people aware of your site. Of course, not of these links are the same. It’s not the same a link from some obscure site than a link from, say, CNN. If you get … Continue reading

Why blog? ¿Para qué escribir un blog?

A blog is a sort of notebook or diary online. It allows you to upload articles, photos, media. It accepts (if you wish) comments posted by your readers, who can also follow you. A blog can be a marketing tool because if it’s well done, it helps you become a “specialist” in whatever topic you … Continue reading