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The math behind word of mouth/ Las mates detrás del “boca a boca”

What is word of mouth (WOM) exactly? It’s transmitting or sharing information from person to person. It has always existed, but marketers are tapping in its potential to foster an “authentic” relationship with their customers. It’s well known that people usually trust recommendations from their peers (lateral channel) versus what a billboard or advertisement says, … Continue reading

Is logo design an art? I think so! (El arte del diseño de los logos)

(Para mis seguidores/as que hablan español, el vídeo se puede ver con subtítulos en español. Totalmente recomendado)

How to get fresh content ideas for your blog/ Cómo conseguir ideas para contenido para tu blog?

Writing a blog, and especially one about marketing and social media, means that you constantly have to be on the lookout for content. Very often, just preparing for my marketing classes or checking out my Google+ feed is enough to get those writing juices flowing, but sometimes is not that easy. For those times, I have … Continue reading