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Opt-in to get results/ “Opt-in” para obtener resultados

If you have a business, email marketing is still one of the top methods of marketing to customers. As any marketer that puts together email campaigns from time to time knows, your campaign is only as good as your contact list. Unfortunately, growing this list can be hard work; after all, the list gets constantly … Continue reading

Are we ready for Apple Pay? / ¿Estamos preparad@s para Apple Pay?

The technology was there already, as users of Google Wallet or Windows Phone 8 know but, since it’s Apple’s prerogative to make what already exists more available and interesting and just sexier, it just launched its “Apple Pay” system, to, they hope, change the way people pay for stuff. Beginning October 20, Apple Pay is … Continue reading

What is Cross-Channel Marketing? ¿Qué es el Cross-Channel Marketing?

A couple of days ago I went to a job interview for a company that does something called “Cross-Channel Marketing”.  It sounds intriguing but, what does it exactly mean? Cross Channel Marketing is a marketing strategy which consists of promoting a product or service using a variety of channels, such as social media or email … Continue reading