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The math behind word of mouth/ Las mates detrás del “boca a boca”

What is word of mouth (WOM) exactly? It’s transmitting or sharing information from person to person. It has always existed, but marketers are tapping in its potential to foster an “authentic” relationship with their customers. It’s well known that people usually trust recommendations from their peers (lateral channel) versus what a billboard or advertisement says, … Continue reading

Marketing readings/ Leyendo acerca de márketing

I just finished this book: “Brilliant Marketing”, by Richard Hall. This book belongs to the “Brilliant” series, with other titles that include “Brilliant Business Writing” and “Brilliant Project Management”. It has six parts: putting marketing into context; ladies and gentlemen, choose your weapons and start marketing; how to create and execute a great marketing plan; … Continue reading

Let’s not forget social media for B2B!/ ¡No nos olvidemos de los medios sociales de negocio-a-negocio!

Lots of the info regarding social media and marketing that is available out there is for businesses who cater to the final customer, not for businesses that deal with other businesses, and yet, social media is very important for companies that deal with B2B customers. That’s what the book I just finished said. The book … Continue reading