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Making UGC work for you/ Usa el UGC (contenido que proviene del usuario) en tu blog o website

Want a way to make your blog or website more cost-effective (when it comes to marketing), a place where your customers are more engaged participants, and to top it off, more SEO-friendly? Well, then you need to get your blog some UGC or User Generated Content. Instead of spewing more stale content, it makes a … Continue reading

How to get fresh content ideas for your blog/ Cómo conseguir ideas para contenido para tu blog?

Writing a blog, and especially one about marketing and social media, means that you constantly have to be on the lookout for content. Very often, just preparing for my marketing classes or checking out my Google+ feed is enough to get those writing juices flowing, but sometimes is not that easy. For those times, I have … Continue reading

Why blog? ¿Para qué escribir un blog?

A blog is a sort of notebook or diary online. It allows you to upload articles, photos, media. It accepts (if you wish) comments posted by your readers, who can also follow you. A blog can be a marketing tool because if it’s well done, it helps you become a “specialist” in whatever topic you … Continue reading