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Marketing Planet Blog: ‘Ello’ and see you later?/ ‘Ello’ y adiós?

So finally, weeks after I sent in a request to join what was supposed to be the next thing in the social network world, the alternative to Facebook, this new space for creative people, right before Christmas I get an invite to join Ello, the “social network you have been waiting for. Simple, beautiful and ad-free.” … Continue reading

Making UGC work for you/ Usa el UGC (contenido que proviene del usuario) en tu blog o website

Want a way to make your blog or website more cost-effective (when it comes to marketing), a place where your customers are more engaged participants, and to top it off, more SEO-friendly? Well, then you need to get your blog some UGC or User Generated Content. Instead of spewing more stale content, it makes a … Continue reading

Marketing readings/ Leyendo acerca de márketing

I just finished this book: “Brilliant Marketing”, by Richard Hall. This book belongs to the “Brilliant” series, with other titles that include “Brilliant Business Writing” and “Brilliant Project Management”. It has six parts: putting marketing into context; ladies and gentlemen, choose your weapons and start marketing; how to create and execute a great marketing plan; … Continue reading