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Opt-in to get results/ “Opt-in” para obtener resultados

If you have a business, email marketing is still one of the top methods of marketing to customers. As any marketer that puts together email campaigns from time to time knows, your campaign is only as good as your contact list. Unfortunately, growing this list can be hard work; after all, the list gets constantly … Continue reading

News: Facebook at work?/ Noticias: ¿Facebook en el trabajo?

Rumor has it (Financial News rumor, that is) that Facebook is working on a new product, a sort of Facebook platform but for work, named, it seems, “Facebook at Work” (very original name, I know!). If the news is confirmed (which Facebook still has not done) it would be a social medium similar to LinkedIn. … Continue reading

What is A/B testing?/ ¿Qué es el test A/B?

You are working on your first email marketing campaign and suddenly you come across something called “A/B testing. What it is? Very roughly speaking it’s “sending out two variations of one email and seeing which one is the one that gets the most clicks.” Well, it’s kind of like this. Why would you want to do … Continue reading