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Are we ready for Apple Pay? / ¿Estamos preparad@s para Apple Pay?

The technology was there already, as users of Google Wallet or Windows Phone 8 know but, since it’s Apple’s prerogative to make what already exists more available and interesting and just sexier, it just launched its “Apple Pay” system, to, they hope, change the way people pay for stuff. Beginning October 20, Apple Pay is … Continue reading

The big picture/ “La” foto que lo muestra todo

Where does Internet live? Or, where are people who connect to Internet located? This map, below, shows it, very well. The map was made a couple of months ago and shows, at a glance, the location of most devices connected to Internet. It was made by the founder of Shodan, John Matherly, based on data he collected. … Continue reading

Email marketing: Getting contacts for your lists/ Email márketing: Consiguiendo contactos para las listas

When you do email campaigns using email marketing providers, contacts in your lists must have consented to receive our emails beforehand. But, how to obtain addresses and permissions? We have some ideas below: One very important way is to announce in our website or blog that we offer our visitors the choice to receive our … Continue reading