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More Twitter help/ Cositas interesantes de Twitter

I do have a Twitter account for stuff that is not related to marketing or social media per se, but I still want  to read about issues that have nothing to do with the original purpose for which I have a Twitter account (in case you were wondering, that original purpose is to do feminist activism). The thing is, there are a bunch of marketers and social media experts that I want to follow, but I don’t want their feed to show at the same time as my other women-gender issues topics. I want them to be apart and easy for me to glance and I want to make sure I am not going to miss anything important (something that it’s likely to happen in fast-moving Twitter feeds). What to do? Enter a wonderful tool named lists. You can go to your profile and under “More” is where you will find your already-created lists, or the menu to create a new one.

This tool allows you to group profiles according to whichever parameters you like. For example, I created a list named “ Social Media tweets  “ and I added a bunch of profiles. I don’t even have to follow them, their updates will show up. There are limitations, these twits are for viewing only.

The way to create a list is by going to your profile, clicking on the link that says “more>lists” and there you are. Below you will see that on this page it shows all the lists that I following, including the one I have created myself (named “Social media tweets”).


How do you add someone to your list? Easy, go to his or her profile.
Then click (just once) on the gear icon which is on the left of the “following” or “follow” button. The second option, “add or delete from lists”, that’s the one you want.

Add to the list that you have created already, or create a new one on the spot by clicking on the box related to the list.

Quick tip. If you want to create a list, very fast, go to a profile that you follow, related (subject-wise), to that list, especially one that has lots of followers or someone that follows lots of profiles.

Click on the followers or those profiles he or she follows. There you go, at a glance, you have lots of interesting profiles, and because their descriptions are right there too, all you have to do is to click on the gear icon on their profiles, and add to your list.


You can also subscribe to the lists other profiles have created. Their profiles won’t be added to the lists you have created, rather, underneath your list, will be other lists you have created and lists you have subscribed.

Also, if you click on the “Member of” link on the left (we are still in the lists page) you can see the  profiles that have added your Twitter  profile to their lists.

Mi cuenta de Twitter es para cosas que, la verdad, no tienen mucho que ver con márketing ni con medios sociales. El caso es que, con el tiempo, he estado siguiendo a perfiles que sí tienen que ver con márketing. El caso es que no quiero mezclarlos con los otros perfiles a los que sigo. Qué hacer? Twitter tiene una herramienta maravillosa llamada “listas”, las cuales te permite organizar y ver perfiles.
Las listas son una herramienta para agrupar perfiles y asegurarte de que no pierdas ningún Tweet interesante, ya que tendrás a todos estos perfiles bien juntos.

En tu perfil de Twitter tienes un botón llamado “Más” y allí mismo encontrarás la página que te permite crear tus propias listas o gestionar las que ya has creado.

Esta herramienta te permite agrupar perfiles, sin necesidad de “seguirlos”. Por ejemplo, yo he creado una lista llamada “Social media tweets”. La manera de añadir perfiles es visitando al perfil que te interese, haces click en su “gear icon” (un botón que parece una estrellita) y bajas hasta donde pone “Añadir o quitar de las listas”. La página siguiente te permitirá elegir a qué lista añadir ese perfil.

marketing planet blog

Si quieres añadir un montón de perfiles a una lista, (casi) al mismo tiempo, ve a un perfil que te interese, y mira sus “followers”, por ejemplo. Haz click en el botón de la estrellita que veas al lado de todos esos perfiles (no tienes ni siquiera que meterte en cada perfil individual).

Esta herramienta te permite también subscribirte a listas que perfiles interesantes tengan (se convertirán en una nueva lista para ti) y, si vas a la página de tus listas, puedes ver quien ha añadido tu perfil a su lista personal. Es muy interesante ver quien te ha añadido, y tal vez, si es un perfil interesante, te convenga empezar a seguir ese perfil si no lo haces ya.


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