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What is Cross-Channel Marketing? ¿Qué es el Cross-Channel Marketing?

A couple of days ago I went to a job interview for a company that does something called “Cross-Channel Marketing”.  It sounds intriguing but, what does it exactly mean? Cross Channel Marketing is a marketing strategy which consists of promoting a product or service using a variety of channels, such as social media or email … Continue reading

Why blog? ¿Para qué escribir un blog?

A blog is a sort of notebook or diary online. It allows you to upload articles, photos, media. It accepts (if you wish) comments posted by your readers, who can also follow you. A blog can be a marketing tool because if it’s well done, it helps you become a “specialist” in whatever topic you … Continue reading

Which social media should I choose? ¿Qué medio social debo elegir?

To respond to that question, there a few things that you should ask yourself:–With whom am I trying to connect? To whom am I trying to sell? It’s not the same to try to connect with young people, a female executive or, say, a group of retired men.–How do your customers connect, which social media do … Continue reading