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Facebook as ID?/ ¿Facebook como identificación?

The form was filled out, the credit card was charged and there was only one thing to do: prove that I am me. How did this famous services website take care of that? Why, it had me take a photo of my passport and then checked one of my social media profiles. Interesting concept, to … Continue reading

Iron Blogger: Blog or pay! ¡Publica en tu blog o paga!

I just read in the Marketing de Guerrilla blog about an interesting way to get bloggers to post more often: Make them pay, literally. This is the idea behind the Iron Blogger concept. This article in Spiegel (have Google translate it if you don’t understand German) explains how it came to be and what is … Continue reading

Using appropriate language in social media/ Usando el lenguaje apropiado en los medios sociales

Language matters. In your social media pages, include questions and polls, if possible. Look at the pages some businesses have (on Facebook for example) and see how they engage with the customers. For example, Coca-Cola, Whole Foods, Pontiac, McDonalds…These brands communicate with their customers as they would with a friend. The goal here is to … Continue reading