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The three most important steps to do email marketing/ Los tres pasos mas importantes a la hora de hacer un mensaje en email marketing

No matter which email service we have chosen to send out a bulletin or the kind of email marketing we are going to send, the three most important steps to do an email marketing campaign are always the same: Upload contact list Put together the bulletin or newsletter Analyze the result The contact list is … Continue reading

Why do people use social media? ¿Por qué se conecta la gente a medios sociales?

Why do people use social media? Why do people follow their favorite brands through social media outlets such as Facebook or Twitter? To see what their contacts post (family, friends, etc) To comment what’s happening To get to know people To post stuff To watch videos What’s interesting and useful for business owners is that … Continue reading

What is the difference between social networks and social media? ¿Cual es la diferencia entre redes sociales y medios sociales?

Social networks: When people communicate in an interactive manner. It can be online or in person. It has always existed. For example, when a buyer goes to the local market and it communicates with his or her neighbors, friends or family members. Social media: An application, medium or platform used to communicate via Internet (Facebook, … Continue reading